Friday, January 16, 2009

How to buy shares or stock in Byd Company Limited

Back in about October 2008 I read an article about Warren Buffet buying a chunk of a small company in China that made made cars and batteries. I figured I had some extra cash, the market was down (good time to buy), and the green car market was sure to grow with the recent high gas prices. After a few days of research I finally discovered that shares of Byd Co Ltd CAN be bought here in the USA. The stock is sold under the ticker symbol BYDDF . Any brokerage can help you buy it or if you have a TD Ameritrade account you can buy it yourself. If took a lot of research to finally find the correct ticker symbol. I hope this blog ranks wells so that it will save people time when they want to buy this stock.

My theory is that the next Dot Com like boom will be in the area of Electric cars. What else can we build here in the USA as an industry? Sure we can spend time and money on rebuilding roads and bridges, however, when it comes to a new manufacturing base our options are limited. Are we going to go back to making TVs? I dont think so. We are going to lead the world into the age of green cars and these cars will be made at plants in the USA (ok and ya maybe a few in China as well :) ).

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